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The Aitareya Upanishad 101


  Embark on a profound journey through evolution and reality with the millennia-old insights of Hindu sages and modern science.

  Beautifully written with ancient spiritual wisdom and the cutting-edge discoveries of evolutionary theory, this thought-provoking book invites you on a journey to uncover an ancient vision of reality that still rings true in the modern day.

  Over three thousand years ago, Hindu sages compiled the Aitareya Upanishad – a deeply philosophical narrative that takes readers on a sweeping journey through evolution, from the world’s remote origins to the final purpose of all creation. Throughout its pages, these sages claim to have witnessed the underlying intent behind all life and the universe.

  Complete with an original simplified translation for contemporary readers, alongside beginner-friendly expansions and fascinating breakdowns of central Upanishadic themes and concepts, (book name) explores the key insights gained by the Hindu sages, revealing the spiritual lessons we can draw from their experiences.

  Readers will discover the unique Hindu understanding of evolution, their belief in the existence of a divine intelligence behind our reality, and their mind-bending vision of time and space. As a must-read for spiritual seekers and science-minded individuals alike, this book bridges the gap between millennia-old wisdom and modern discoveries, providing an accessible and easily digestible text that reveals their remarkable parallels.

  Are you ready to discover the wisdom of the Aitareya Upanishad? Then grab your copy today to dive in!

"I'm not putting this one on my shelf. I'm framing this one on my wall!"

-RB, advanced previewer

Excerpt from Chapter 0ne:

In the beginning, there was only this one Thing: You.

In the beginning, there was only this one Thing: Me.

In the beginning, there was only this one Thing: the Self, the Soul (or Atman)—the one Self, the

one Soul (which we refer to as Brahman).


Other than this, nothing was. Other than this, nothing is.


Other than this, nothing will be.


Understand this and you will be well on your way.

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