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The Tao Te Ching 201

Ancient Egyptian Enlightment Series, Book 3


Learn to think like the great Chinese philosophers of old,
and swim with the flow of life, not against it. 

Imagine understanding how the ancient Chinese sages viewed the world, the Universe, and God. What if you could have the same understanding? How could it end your own struggles with life?

Dr. Matthew Barnes, chemist, biochemist, doctor, and bestselling author of The Tao Te Ching 101, The Emerald Tablet 101, and Jesus Christ, Zen Master continues his exploration into ancient Chinese wisdom with his second interpretation of the Tao Te Ching. 

In only 81 brief, truly non-denominational chapters, you’ll discover: 

     •  an answer for each of life’s questions.
     •  a solution for every struggle and predicament.
     •  how to find and align your efforts with the Creative Principle of the Universe. 
     •  how to see Spirit in even the most mundane of activities.
     •  how to find strength in flexibility.
     •  how to work effortlessly. 
     •  and much, much more ...

Dr. Barnes’ second translation goes a bit deeper than his first, but he was able to express the advanced concepts in a manner that is still modern, practical, direct, and very simple.

“It is the source of all, empty as if a void, yet inexhaustible. It gives birth to worlds and dimensions yet to be discovered. It is here, now, staring you in the face. You can find It whenever you’re ready.” -Lao Tzu

Begin riding the tides of your life! Grab your copy now.

Excerpt from Chapter One

It is infinite, eternal.

It was never born and can never die.

Its motivations are beyond human motivations.

It has no wants or needs or desires, It simply is.

And so It is at peace.


To find It, you must abandon your concept of self.

You must move beyond the egotistical, analytical mind and into the unified mind beyond.


The sense of self struggles with such a concept;

it fears for its own existence.

But in losing yourself you find that you are more 

than you ever imagined.




Great author. Matthew nails it!

-DM, Amazon Reader

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