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The Kybalion 101

Ancient Egyptian Enlightenment Series, Book 3

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The Kybalion is probably the most controversial spiritual work of the twentieth century. Its teachings are based on the works of Hermes, an ancient Egyptian philosopher. Like Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Socrates and a few other philosophical and religious founders, Hermes is said to have received his knowledge in a vision during a period of deep concentration. During his “awakening", Hermes claimed to have been exposed to the truth of the world, how it works, and what lies beyond. He believed that he had experienced "the Soul of the Universe”. The Kybalion is a categorization and explanation of the seven main laws of life, as expressed to Hermes during his vision. Legend has it that these laws have been passed down in secret for centuries from teacher to students considered ready for the information, much like Jesus’s passing on of inner knowledge only to his closest disciples. The initial publishing of The Kybalion by “The Three Initiates" is reported to be the first time the general public has had access to these inner teachings.

The seven laws of The Kybalion will sound familiar to many, for they are the underlying themes of this existence. But learning the exact significance and meaning of these laws has been a closely guarded secret for millennia. A secret that, once understood, has the potential to transform your life, and your understanding of life. The immediate effect of the teachings is believed to be an enhanced ability to live a better life, in all areas of concern. The long term effect is an evolution of consciousness and awareness toward higher and higher levels. In the Bible, it is said that Adam fell into a deep sleep. Nowhere does it ever say that he woke up. An “awakening” that carries us beyond our current level of cognition and perception is the ultimate goal of the teachings of The Kybalion.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”


Excerpt from the Law of Vibration

From the individual parts

To the whole;

From the fragments

To the totality;

From the divisions

To the summation,

From the singular atom

To the entirety of creation

As a singular entity

Is everything alive,

Is everything in motion,

Is nothing still, inert, motionless,

Static, immobile, stationary,

At rest…



The atom,

Which is the foundational unit

Of all manifested phenomenon

In this world

Is in continual motion-

Each negatively charged electron

Within each atom

Spinning and whirling

Relentlessly, unendingly

Around its own central axis

While simultaneously orbiting

About a positively charged proton

In the nuclear center


Solar systems such as our own

Work similarly,


With each planet

Spinning continually

Around its own central axis

While simultaneously orbiting

The nuclear center

That we call the sun


Galaxies move

And spin and swirl

In similar orbits;

As do entire universes;

As does the entirety

Of creation,

Which Itself

Spins and swirls

And orbits

About the Great Center

At the heart

Of all of creation


Thus can we see,

Repeated on every level

Of existence

(As above,

So too below),

The constant, eternal

Unending interplay,

The dance of life,

Played out

As the ongoing attraction

And repulsion

Between the positive

And the negative,

Between the Yang

And the Yin,

Between the alpha

And the omega,

Between the protons

And the electrons,

Between the male

And the female

It is the attraction

And the repulsion

Between these two great energies,

Between these two great charges

Of life

That sets and keeps

All manifested objects

In perpetual motion,

Creating an energy,

A vibration,

A resonance

That is unique

To each and every

Individual unit,

And each and every level,

Plane or dimension

Of life


Keep in mind though

That regardless

Of how ethereal

Or how solid

Any object may appear to be,


That object,

And all objects,

Are nothing but energy

Vibrating at different rates-

The exact vibrational signature

Of each object


The material form

The object takes

In the reality of our world



Which we call matter

And that

Which we call energy

Are but the same exact

Singular base substance

Out of which every single thing

In this world is made,

Only vibrating

At different rates,

At different speeds,

At different modes

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