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The Hermetica 101

Ancient Egyptian Enlightenment Series, Book 2


Since the beginning of time, humankind has pondered the meaning of life, the extension of life beyond this world, and the existence of a God or creator. 


The Hermetica is the second major work of the Ancient Egyptian philosopher Hermes Trismegistus, who is reported to have had an awakening during an extended period of meditation.


During this awakening, Hermes, much like Jesus and Buddha later on, claims to have been exposed to the meaning of life, the presence of a world beyond this world, the existence of God, and the secret of our immortality. The Hermetica is his account of the experience.

"Just as we were developed for this world in the womb, so too are we being developed for the next world within these bodies."

"Just as we emerged from the world of our mother's womb into this world, so too will we emerge from the world of these bodies into the next..."

Excerpt from Chapter One


When I was in deep silence

And my mind was focused

In deep concentration,

And I was wholly intent

In my focus,

I experienced

Something dramatic,

Something beyond

My normal perception

And understanding

My senses seemed to suspend

As if withdrawn during sleep

And I traveled

Beyond my thoughts

My mind was alert

And clear

And my understanding

Surpassed any clarity

That I had ever known

In this state

It seemed

A vast and boundless Intelligence


Within my mind's eye

This Intelligence

Seemed to know me

And called me

By name

"What are you looking for,

Hermes?" IT seemed to say,

Yet I heard IT speak

Not through my ears;

And saw IT before me,

But not with my eyes-

I experienced IT

With my mind, 

With my heart

"Who are you?" I asked


"I am God,

I am Consciousness ITself,

I am Atum,

As your kind calls me


"I created you 

And am part of you

And am with you always-

In all ways,



"I know what you seek"
IT seemed to say

Without speaking;

And I heard

And understood

"But hold in your mind

All that you wish to know

And I will show you..."




“I love reading Matthews versions. All of his books are great and I highly recommend them. For me it's not so much the accuracy as it is the ideas. He and I are of similar mind. Thanks for your efforts!”

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