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The Emerald Tablet 101

The Emerald Tablet is an Ancient Egyptian work written by Hermes Trismegistus that is supposed to represent a step-by-step instruction manual for the Alchemical process of turning ordinary metals like lead into something much more valuable- like gold.


The manual consists of  fourteen cryptic, symbolic statements, that many have tried to decipher over the course of thousands of years. 

I believe the fourteen statements of the Emerald Tablet to be a symbolic guide to a far greater treasure than the conversion of lead into gold. I believe it to be, instead, a symbolic guide to the awakening of the human soul. I believe it to be a guide to the conversion of a base and petty human being into an awakened soul, the likes of which we have seen in the Jesuses and the Buddhas of our world. 

In the Christian Bible, it is said that Adam fell into a deep sleep. Nowhere in that Bible does it say that he woke back up. The purpose of the Emerald Tablet, I believe, is that very awakening.

Excerpt from Chapter Seven

When I awakened

It was if my Mind,

The Consciousness within Me,


From the body

I once took

To be my entirety

And soared upward,

Or beyond,

Or within

It was as if

My understanding had expanded

To the breaking point,

And the borders

That had once contained it

Were overwhelmed

And overcome

Once free

My Consciousness bursth forth

And expanded

In all directions forever-

There were no barriers left

To hold it in

Before my Mind's Eye

Opened a world and a truth

I could have never imagined

Had I lived

A million years,

And I experienced Myself-

My true Self

In My entirety,

As well as a Great Light

Of pure Consciousness

That emanated

From the Center of existence

Out into all that is

Was, or will be




“I need to get this in print- I want to reference this often.”

N. Loy

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