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noun, plural fo·lies [faw-lee] /fɔˈli/. French. madness; insanity.


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The psychological thrillers Matthew writes under the pseudonym "MS Barnes" are very different from his spiritual works. Here, Matthew is exploring the darker side of the powers of the mind. 


“The shocking occurrences could happen, as bizarre as they sound…” -Tantra Bensko

John Thomas shouldn’t be ordering “Mystery Boxes” from the Deep Dark Web. He knows this, and Miranda surely won’t let him forget it.

But it’s how he makes his living … buying “Mystery Boxes” from the Dark Web and opening them live for his YouTube channel audience, DrkWb77. 

This last box though ... It may be different. It seems authentic. Could this one actually be real? 

What finds John may push him beyond the brink of mental endurance. 

Come along as we find out, along with John, Miranda, and a few of their friends just who the Hell Frank King is.

"Couldn't put it down! The story was brilliant and I found myself unable to turn it off. Not a single moment did it lose my attention. I'm torn that there isn't more to read! I can't wait for more from the author!"

-Pockets (listener, ACX)

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