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noun, plural fo·lies [faw-lee] /fɔˈli/. French. madness; insanity.


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The psychological thrillers Matthew writes under the pseudonym "MS Barnes" are very different from his spiritual works. Here, Matthew is exploring the darker side of the powers of the mind. 

An “unbelievable thriller” about a decaying southern asylum, an eager young psychiatrist, and an ancient Chinese legend that we should all pray is not real. 

When Dr. Jane Lee, a recent graduate, takes her very first position as a psychiatrist at Southern States Mental Institute in Memphis, Tennessee, she gets more than she had bargained for. 

The idyllic images she had created in her mind while in school of treating the mentally ill clash immediately and drastically with the reality of the practice in real life. 

From the filthy, creepy, neglected facility in which she now works, and the attitude of those in the mental health industry itself, to the haunting madness of her first-ever patient, Matilda Rose, nothing is as she had imagined it would be.

Dr. Lee should have turned away. 

Sometimes death isn’t the worst thing that can happen. 



“I work in a mental health field and I know that we are at high risk for mental health issues. This book certainly grabbed me from the beginning and kept me turning pages!” -Dr. Patricia Eroh

“THIS BOOK IS INTENSE!” -Jessica’s Reading Room





"Whew! This book is intense! ...This book has that same quality that Shirley Jackson has in her works, a discomfort that creeps up on you stays with you through the reading"

-Jessica's Reading Room

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