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We live in an ever increasingly litigious society. More and more people want to blame everyone but themselves for their disappointments and woes. 


I stand by my products. I very much believe in my products. I very much want you to succeed with my products. That being said, I cannot take responsibility for your results. First off, the stock market an be unpredictable. Just because I have done well up to now doesn't mean that things cannot change in the future. I hope not. And if they do change I plan on adapting. Still, I cannot guarantee you results.


Secondly, I have no idea whether or not you will actually follow my system as I mean for you to. Most people tend to alter anything they learn to better fit their own concept of the situation. That is normal and fine with me. But if you alter what I show you, your results may change as well. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. In any endeavor, some people will simply do better than others.


In order to protect myself, I need you to understand that there are inherent risks in investing. I take no responsibility for any losses that may occur. Neither does anyone that helps me distribute or explain this information. In addition, please understand that I have no degree in finance or investing whatsoever. All that I know, I learned through experience. If you think I need a big degree to be able to make money investing, then I may not be the guy for you. That is the plain English version. 


In legal terms, I must put it this way: the information contained on this website, in my books, in my newsletters, in emails, personal correspondences, in personal contacts, seminars and in any other correspondence you get from me is for general information purposes only. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk. Neither I, nor anyone  associated with this information, or the distribution of this information will be held liable for any loss or damages.

There are inherent risks in investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Invest

at your own risk.

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